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CMC Rope Rescue Team Kit w/ 4 Response Harness
Item #501058

Traditional Rigging with 4 Response Harnesses™

When your team needs to perform high- or low-angle rescue operations, this Traditional Rigging version of the Rope Rescue Team Kit includes personal gear for four rescuers (4X Rescuer Personal Kit) and our popular Response Harness™ for departments that prefer a full-body harness.

Kit contains the following items:

1 Rescue Rack 5 PMP Swivel Pulleys
1 Swivel Double Pulley 11 ProSeries Screw-Lock Carabiners - Brite
1 Shasta Gear Bag™ 4 Princeton Tec EOS II Headlamp
4 Personal Gear Bag 1 Truck Cache™
4 Pro Pocket™ 2 Rope Bag #2
1 Stainless Steel Rescue Litter 1 Litter Pack
1 ProSeries® Litter Harness™ 1 Litter Insert
1 Lifesaver Victim Harness 1 Patient Tie-In System
2 CMC Ascenders 4 Rescue 8 Descenders
4 ProSeries® Screw-Lock Carabiners, Brite 13 ProTech™ Auto-Lock Carabiners, Red
4 Riggers Gloves 4 Adjustable Litter Straps
1 FastLink™ Pick-Off Strap 2 FastLink™ Anchor Straps-Medium
2 Anchor Strap Sleeves - Medium 1 Etrier with Tie-In
4 Multi-Loop Straps -Large 1 Ultra-Pro™ 4 Edge Protector
2 Edge Pad, XL 40ft Tubular Webbing (2x20)
200ft CMC Lifeline, 1/2in 24ft Tubular Webbing (2x12)
200ft CMC Lifeline, 1/2in, Add'l Color 16  AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks - 5 Long, 11 Short
1 Rope Rescue Manual 4 Rope Rescue Field Guides
4 Kask Super Plasma Helmets 4 ESS Striketeam XTO Rescue Goggles
4 Response Harness 2 Load Release Straps
1 Anchor Plate 1 Aluminum Oval Carabiner, Red


MSRP: $11,910.00

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